Please read the attached letter from County Superintendent Mary Jane Burke about the Marin County Social Host Ordinance. This law is an effort to reduce youth access to alcohol in private homes and includes consequences for homeowners who host social events where under-aged youth are drinking alcohol – whether or not adults are present.

The information attached is intended to inform and raise awareness.

At Lagunitas we are working with the West Marin Coalition for Healthy Kids. This team of community organizations, including healthcare professionals, youth and faith groups, school districts, and social service agency representatives have joined to address youth access to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use. The coalition is focusing on root causes, risk factors, and social norms within the community.

It is too late to wait until high school to start thinking about keeping our students safe and healthy during their teen years. I’ve always been an advocate of keeping close supervision, know your child’s friends, and encourage active involvement in extra-curricular activities like sports, theater, music, and other hobbies.

​Please read the attached law about the new Social Host Ordinance.​

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