This year’s Rite of Passage at Westminster Woods created a deep bond between the Lagunitas 8th graders. The annual trip had a profound impact on all students, some describing it as “life changing”. This video includes pictures and anonymous quotes that give you a sense of this empowering and inspiring trip.

The students’ participated in active adventures like a treasure hunt, team building exercises and cooperative challenges. Some activities required that kids push their boundaries to conquer their fears and gain confidence. The highlight of the week was “New Eyes” where students learned more about themselves and how they’re seen by their peers and by their community. It was a heartwarming and heart opening experience. Our Social Emotional Literacy (SEL) program and our teachers work to connect the students’ experiences on this trip to day to day life at the Lagunitas Middle School. The quotes you see in the video were written by students in a SEL class following the trip.

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