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Hello once again weekly readers. It has been a long year, sadly with only five issues. If you haven’t put two and two together yet, this is our last issue and we would like to thank all of our supporters and donators for sticking with us on this fairly short journey. We are proud to be advertising ZOLTRON TM in this issue of the WEEKLY WAFFLE and to have supported Valley Visions in the last issue. But, the road does not end here, not after all those long Thursday nights of AC/DC and Kettle Chips. The Weekly Waffle will hold strong and be around next year and the year after and maybe three years from now, but that is to far to predict. Lets just focus on next year. The Weekly Waffle is also happy to announce that we may be starting a new Rev 9 magazine this summer, so stay tuned and keep eating waffles.

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Camping trip on May 18th

By Emma H.

We are staying at Sugarloaf state park for 2 nights. We are going to study California American Indians while we are there and go to an observatory on the 1st night. We are going to sleep in tents.

We will look at the stars from the observatory and stay up late and we might get to see some planets while we are looking at the stars!


Larry’s class train trip

by Miley + Molly

On Thursday the 21st Larry’s class is going on a train trip. The class needs to be at school by 7:30 am. Larry is going to tell us what car we go in. On the train we will play games. I spy,and name that train car. there will probably be thumb wrestling too. We are going all the way to Sacramento. We will visit the train museum and we will be back at five pm.


A train poem by Lila Fox

Chug chug

on the track

moving fast I hear a blast

black smoke in the station

it really grabs my imagination

now I am flying in the sky

I watch the train fly right by

Movie Reviews!

Avengers Age of Ultron ™ by Aidan D

Avengers Age of Ultron™ was a great movie. It had a lot of explosions and action. They took a lot of risks and they managed to defeat Ultron. You should really see this movie. Just so you know, its rated PG13. Make sure to wait for the credits to be over and you’ll see one more clip.

Pitch Perfect 2™ by Gracie Chavez

The new Pitch Perfect movie is coming up. If you have watched the first Pitch Perfect, as you know, they won the finals and then the movie ended right when Anna Kendrick was about to say what song they picked. We will find out what song they picked in the second movie. You better watch it (Its rated PG13)! I don’t really know when it comes out but you can look it up. BTW its super funny-Anna Kendrick for life!

Peace out.



By Alice

I am the bluebird

Diving down for bugs

And swooping back to my box.

Black Filled Sky

By Logan Fredenburg

Blackness fills the sky

The creek quietly trickles

The shadowy hills surround me

The silver waxing gibbous lights up

The nighttime sky




so here are some


By Aiden Mann

COmic 1


By Aidan Dolan

comic 2



word search

We need a female president

By Jubilee Adams

Both men and women can make great presidents. But some men haven’t given women a chance to be president of the United States. In other places such as Argentina,Evita Peron became president after her husband died. President Mary Mcaleese from Ireland and Dalia Itzik from Israel are a few of the women who became presidents. But we’ve never had a woman president in the United States. Hilary Clinton ran in 2008 but someone else, who was also amazing and changed the world won: Barack Obama. He is the first African American president ever in the United States. Hilary is going to be running again in 2016.

Some people disagree with women being president, and say they “know” a woman in office would make bad decisions. Some men have made bad decisions like the attack on Iraq and lots of wars. Some people say women are too emotional and will give in too easily to other people, because being president is such a demanding job. Some people actully think women are the weaker sex. That has been so called “truth” for centuries. But really scientists have realized that women are generally better educated than men, making them good leaders. Both genders should be EQUAL! Sorry people but we are EQUAL and will always be. We are definitely ready for a woman president.



Chocolate Milk is A Better Energy Drink Than Red Bull

Chocolate milk and Red Bull are both popular energy drinks,but chocolate milk fuels you in a lasting and healthful way. Red Bull does have some health benefits, but some of the ingredients are unnecessary and potentially harmful, especially to children.

Chocolate milk fuels you with milk protein, which is long lasting for endurance. The sugar and carbohydrates give you quick and easy energy. In an 8 oz. glass of chocolate milk there are only 5 mg of caffeine, unlike the highly caffeinated popular energy drinks such as Red Bull. Red Bull fuels you with caffeine and blocks off the cells that make you tired which leaves you with a sugar crash. Red Bull does have some healthy ingredients; it has Taurine and vitamin B. Unfortunately it contains a whopping 80 mg. of caffeine in an 8.4 oz. can. Caffeine is known to cause jitteriness, nervousness, headaches, dehydration and sleeplessness in children and adults. Caffeine can lead to obesity in children. Red Bull also contains 27g. of sugar per can it has one third more sugar than Trumoo chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is the drink of choice for some Olympic athletes because they care about there bodies. They know they don’t want to feel jittery or dehydrated during an important event, so they choose a better energy drink chocolate milk – low in sugar low in caffeine high in protein and scrumptious in taste. Whenever I need some energy I reach for a glass of chocolate milk.




The Redwings

by Axel,Kai and Leo

We are on the Redwings Little League team. We have 13 players which is the most you can have on a little league team. We won 20 games out of 21 and we tied the first one. On our last game we made two double outs in one inning. On May 17th we had a potluck and we got trophies and shirts. ”


By Paloma

On Monday, May 18th, Stephen Curry shot a 64 foot long basket against the Grizzlies. They won 108 to 95. The Warriors are in the playoffs. They have eight more games to get to the championship. Stephen Curry got the best player award.

River cats

by Liam

My team was doing so good this year. The last game of the season we got two triple outs. I caught three pop flies V.S the Bats. It was so windy. Paloma, Dillon.C and Jackson are the other players on our team.


Fun swim team

by Nika, Ellejae, Bridget and Kylie

Having lots of fun!

Doing our laps,

and butterfly stroke.

Flowery swirly swimsuits,

going fast with friends,

flipping dancing feeling


out of the pool

little league




Dear Sandy:

Thank you for helping us when we get hurt. Thank you for taking our lunch orders. You work so hard in the office and lunch room. Thank you for your help everywhere! Thank you for putting tags on our noses. Your the best! Thank you for supporting the teachers! We will miss you a lot.

p.s. Do you ever get tired of sitting in that one chair? Love Nika+Miely! ”


A Letter for Gina

by Paloma and Lila.

Dear Gina we will really miss you. You were such a great garden teacher. Playing with us, doing fun things and letting us have strawberries. We grow like the plants in your garden. We will take good care of our garden when you leave. You are beautiful like a flower in the garden. You’re the great garden girl. ”


Laurie is leaving:(

Laurie has been teaching at the OPEN Classroom for nine years and this year she’s leaving. I sadly will never be in Laurie’s class because she is leaving. But, I will have Anita again which I look forward to. I like Laurie and bid her farewell. We do still have the rest of this year to show our appreciation, so go see Laurie and thank her!

Ads and Requests and Comments

A Request From Our School Library

Dear kids from all classes. It is nearing the end of the school year and I would appreciate that anyone who has not brought a book back that is overdue that you would please bring it back before Thank you!

This letter was approved by Mary