Dear 8th grade Families:

High School registration for the 2017-2018 school year beings in January.  Most families choose to attend their school of residence, but for students who would like to transfer within the Tam district, please read the information on open enrollment at this link.

All 8th-11th grade students who reside in the Tam District have the opportunity to select their school of attendance.  Applications will be available on the website in March 2017, with an intial deadline of March 26.  Please note that all students must first enroll at their school of residence.  To register, please follow the instructions on the Tam, Drake, or Redwood school websites under “New Student Registration.”

Open enrollment applies only to students who are TUHSD residents who wish to attend a district high school other than their school of residence.  For instance, students who reside in Ross and want to attend Redwood do NOT need open enrollment transfers, but a student who lives in Ross and wants to attend Drake DOES need to apply for open enrollment.

If you have additional questions after reading the information on the link above, please email

Also, please find the attached TUHSD school calendar for 2017-2018.

Thank you,
Mary O’Leary
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Tamalpais Union High School District


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