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Located in the beautiful San Geronimo Valley of Marin County, California, the Lagunitas Montessori Program is part of our K-8 public school.  Please visit our sister site Lagunitas Montessori  for even more information

Construction is well under way

There is a lot of work going on around the Lagunitas School District. Take a look at these photos of construction projects putting the Measure A funds to work. [gallery size="full" ids="1126,1125,1124,1123,1122,1121,1120,1119,1118"]

Final Newsletter for the 2015/2016 School Year

The last day of school is almost here. Our 8th grade Middle School students have graduated and are at their pool party tonight. Our Open Classroom 5th and 6th grade students have graduated and their futures have been predicted. Marlene bonked her students last Friday, and Larry will offer bonking to others tomorrow morning. The Montessori kindergarteners will graduate in the morning, and the 5th grade graduation ceremony will most likely be held in the MPR this year as rain is predicted for tomorrow morning. This has been a week of beach trips, class parties, finishing projects, and cleaning out classrooms. Excitement is in the air; we’re filled with emotional goodbyes, but we are ready for summer.

Lagunitas School District Funding Explained

Like many parents and community members in the San Geronimo Valley, I’ve often wondered about how our school district is funded. Thanks to Superintendent John Carol, we have these great videos to help answer those questions.

LSD Newsletter – May 10, 2016

Why do we honor and appreciate our children’s teachers?
It’s not because they work hard, though they do. It’s not because they have a difficult job, though they do. It’s because they work hard, in a difficult job for our children. For that year, or two, or three they are part of the extended family. Teachers form close bonds with students and their impact is great…

Last Day of Valley Visions Auction 2016

Here's a quick link to the last day of the Valley Visions Auction. There are still some gems left and at reduced prices! Treasures for you and support for the schools of the Lagunitas School District----a win/win! https://www.biddingforgood.com/ValleyVisions Thank you...

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