Notice of Public Hearing

LAGUNITAS SCHOOL DISTRICT SAN GERONIMO, CA 94963 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Sufficiency of Instructional Materials Date:  Thursday, September 14, 2017 Time:   7:00 p.m. Place:  Room 20, Lagunitas School Campus Purpose:  To obtain input from the community as to whether...

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One Step Toward Better Math Instruction

Schools generally track students starting in third or fourth grade based on their ability to memorize the multiplication table from zero to ten with speed and accuracy.  When you consider your own education in math, you’ll probably find a nice example of how that...

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Parent Meeting on April 5 at 7PM

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our April parent meeting. We have a number of events coming up for the Open and will focus our time on planning and prepping for these important dates. *** As a parent participation program, we expect representation from each...

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Pajama Day!

Read-a-thon starts this Wednesday and packets will be available for distribution Tuesday. We would also like to announce PAJAMA DAY on Friday March 3 for all Lagunitas programs to kick the LEAP Readathon fundraiser off. We are encouraging teachers to make pajama day a...

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Country Fair Day! Saturday May 20, 2017

Mark your calendar, the annual Open Classroom fundraiser is set for Saturday May 20, 2017. Last year's Country Fair Day was a ROARING success, and we are looking forward to another fun filled day this year. We are signing up volunteers to make this another successful...

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Parent Meetings for 2017 / 2018

Meetings start at 6:30PM. Childcare is provided for school age children.

Feb. 13 6:30PM (Tuesday)
Mar. 14 6:30PM
Apr. 18 6:30PM
May. 9 6:30PM
Jun. 6 6:30PM

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