Dear Parents,

A good follow up to the recent Open Classroom parent meeting screening of To Make A Difference is the film Tom and Amy Valens made 20 years later, specifically following her class of third and fourth graders for the span of the 2005/6 school year. Tom was in the classroom all or part of the day 150 out of the 180 day school year. he ended up with 300 hours of film, which they pared down to the 90 minute film, AUGUST TO JUNE Bringing Life to School. Besides playing in theaters, community gatherings and public tv across the country, it is now being used by at least 58 universities in their teacher training programs.

Come join Amy and Tom as they present AUGUST TO JUNE as part of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center’s Arts and Letters series next Thursday February 16th at 7pm in the Valley Room.

“…a flat-out gorgeous, beautiful movie, a brilliant poem of childhoods in motion over time. Among a myriad of other questions this film dares to raise is the brave, too generally unasked question of whether children in many of our schools today are happy. It establishes through its multiple stories and varieties of evidence that great curriculum, hard work and opportunities for creativity and an intense and directed social life that respects the individual and draws him/her out are what young children need to grow well.” Joseph Featherstone, author of Schools Where Children Learn