GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL Plays at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center March 16, 7pm!

Leaving the Valley for Boston’s Roxbury district, local filmmakers Tom and Amy Valens intimately explore how support, collaboration, and autonomy for teachers creates a school where young people of many backgrounds and abilities flourish. They take us to Mission Hill Pilot School, a vibrant urban village, alive with curiosity and empathy, for GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL: the freedom to teach, the freedom to learn.

“We must keep a vision of what else is possible, otherwise we will all march in lockstep with the testing mania. GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL gives us that vision”
Diane Ravitch research professor at New York University‘s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education.

“GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL is a remarkable and inspiring film. In this repressive era of mandated standards and testing, we see a whole school community of children, teachers, and parents thriving in an atmosphere of collaboration and trust…What you see in this film is real learning: kids make meaningful connections they won’t forget.” Nancy Carlsson-Paige, founder of Defending The Early Years, author, and professor emerita of Lesley University’s school of education

“It captures what schools can and should look like better than anything I could say in a lecture.” Alfie Kohn, highly regarded speaker on parenting and education, and author of The Schools Our Children Deserve among other books

The hour-long film has played on many public television stations, following in the footsteps of the filmmakers’ earlier documentary, AUGUST TO JUNE, which was filmed in the San Geronimo Open Classroom.

More information and a trailer are on the film’s website